SSF Participating in GSOC Doc Summit

The Sahana Software Foundations is one of four open source projects participating in the Google Summer of Code Doc Summit on October 17-21 in Mountain View, California. This event – which combines a two-day unconference with a three day documentation sprint – provides a unique opportunity to improve the user and technical documentation for our projects. The GSOC Doc Summit will be attended by Sahana Software Foundation Members Fran Boon, Michael Howden, Dominic König and Pat Tressel, along with GSOC ’10 student/’11 mentor Shikhar Kohli.  Many thanks to Google for sponsoring and to Floss Manuals for organizing this event.

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  1. As much as I value GSoC, I think that being a part of GSoC Doc Summit is  even more important to a project like Sahana where the majority if not all of our users may not be techies.


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